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New Year Resolution's Weight Loss Challenge

You’ve joined a workplace or family challenge to help you stay motivated and achieve your New Year’s Resolution weight loss goal! This is a great first step so now lets talk about the best way to win this challenge!

Luxe Laser and Wellness Spa offers the Ideal Protein weight loss program to the north Austin area. Ideal Protein will be your last diet and the way to win your workplace or family challenge! Ideal Protein is an easy diet to follow even if you are someone that is on-the-go traveling for work or bussing kids around to dance and practice. For those who are picky, there is no reason to worry! There are over 60+ food choices. Our onsite weight loss coach will help you personalize your diet to ensure you are comfortable with your eating choices each day.

The only thing to think about while on this diet is your mindset. We need to teach ourselves to start changing our surroundings to fit our emotional needs. Instead of meeting for dinner at the local pub hangout, try to suggest healthier options like Salata where you can load up a healthy fresh salad with vegetables and protein. The next thing to think about when it comes to mindset is changing those negative thoughts to positive thoughts about yourself. For example, instead of thinking “I used to look so good” or “I used to have so much energy” you can start training your mind to think “I’m proud of myself for following through” or “I’ve come so far”. Our mental game plays a major role in our success during this challenge. Our onsite weight loss coach will be a great cheerleader and emotional support for you! They are here to help you succeed!

It is important to surround yourself with encouraging and supportive friendships. So grab a friend or family member that has a weight loss goal as well and call today for a complimentary consultation!

Ashley Julian Spa Director

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