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Acne Treatment Specialist

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Acne is a complaint for around 80 percent of people in the United States today. Luxe Laser and Wellness Spa helps Austin Cedar Park, Texas area patients eradicate those painful and embarrassing breakouts with highly effective Acne Treatment.

Acne Treatment Q & A

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Who Suffers From Acne?

In the large segment of the population that deals with acne, there are people of all ages. While it can be very common in teenagers, it happens quite often in adults as well. For adults, it can be even more emotionally upsetting, since they may have a perception that they "should have grown out of this." The good news is that no matter what the age of the acne sufferer is, there is a highly effective solution in the form of laser acne treatments.

How Does Laser Acne Treatment Work?

When bacteria combines with excess sebum and dead skin particles, the face begins to fill with acne. Laser light is used to target the bacteria, and it can also cause shrinkage of the over-active sebaceous glands to lessen the amount of oil the skin produces. Laser acne treatment can resolve current breakouts and help prevent future breakouts.

What are the Benefits of Laser Acne Treatment?

Laser acne treatment is a highly effective way to destroy acne bacteria, which has an almost immediate impact on the face in the form of clearer skin. Thanks to the reduced oil production, shiny and greasy feeling faces can be a thing of the past. Large pores can be dramatically reduced with laser acne treatment and acne scars left over from previous breakouts can be diminished considerably.

How Often are Laser Acne Treatments Needed?

This will depend on the patient and their specific acne condition. Patients who have significant breakouts and acne scars may need up to six separate treatment sessions to maximize the benefits of the laser treatment. Other patients may quickly respond to the laser treatment and require fewer sessions. To keep skin looking clear and beautiful, touch-up sessions every few months can be extremely beneficial.

Are Alternative Acne Treatments Available?

Chemical peels and facials are also available to treat those with acne. A variety of facials is available, formulated to address specific skin concerns ranging from dryness to too much oil. The expert clinicians will help each patient to identify the skin concern causing the acne and suggest the best facial treatment. Chemical peels are also effective at keeping skin clear and healthy. Chemical peels use a special solution to exfoliate the skin. The solution typically comes in three degrees of strength, each providing a stronger and deeper removal of dead or old skin cells. This deep exfoliation removes the debris and oil that are often responsible for blocking pores and causing acne. After a chemical peel, patients should protect their skin with a high SPF broad spectrum sunscreen and a brimmed hat.