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Spider Veins Specialist

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Spider veins are a major concern for many Austin Cedar Park, Texas area patients. Luxe Laser and Wellness Spa is a medical spa that offers patients a highly effective vein removal treatment for this embarrassing problem.

Spider Veins

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What Are Spider Veins?

Spider veins are very small and thin veins just beneath the skin. While they don't usually cause pain, they can often cause considerable discomfort and embarrassment because they are so visible. Spider veins are very difficult to hide even with a powerful concealer, so removal is the best solution for most people.

Where Are Spider Veins Most Commonly Found?

Spider veins are most often seen in the legs (behind the knees is a common area) and on the face.

Why Do Spider Veins Develop?

Spider veins develop where the valves in the veins are weak or damaged. Because the valves don't function normally, the blood that needs to leave the veins to circulate will be unable to do so. This backup will often become obvious quickly when the pattern of red, blue, or purple spider veins appear just under the skin. Many different factors can contribute to spider vein development, including heredity, age, pregnancy, hormonal changes, obesity, and a history of blood clotting problems.

How Can Spider Veins Be Treated?

Laser treatment has been found to be one of the most effective ways to resolve spider veins in many patients. Medical lasers use high powered beams of light that focus on each spider vein in turn. The heat generated by the laser causes a reaction in the vein in which it creates scar tissue to try to protect itself. That scar tissue actually forces the vein to close itself off. With its ability to get new blood now gone, the vein will collapse. In time, spider veins treated with laser therapy will typically vanish entirely.

What Are The Benefits of Laser Spider Vein Removal?

In addition to eliminating the embarrassment and overall discomfort of spider veins on the legs and face, spider vein removal also has other benefits. It is a virtually painless procedure that requires no needles, making it the easiest medical way to deal with veins today. Laser spider vein removal is a safe treatment that requires only very minimal recovery time, making it easy to fit into even a busy life.